Hennie Smit

"As Project Manager it is customary practice on my side to give feedback to all suppliers, on products used during all projects, after completion.

Betcrete Products:

Herewith I would like to congratulate you on a truly outstanding product.  After using your products for more than four years on three different sites, and in more than 2000 houses, I would really like to say that your products are of outstanding and superior quality.


Thanks for helping to complete another successful project.

It is noticeable, that you have put in a great effort to improve and better the quality of your products over the years, up to a standard that my colleagues and I, see you as the leaders in your product line. Not only are we saving a substantial amount of time and money on installation, theft, breakages, etc.  by using your products, but once we have signed the house off to an occupant we are confident that we will never have to return for maintenance or remedial work on any frames, sills or on aluminium. 
Once again thank you to the Betcrete team, who really know how to operate and deliver under pressure and never let quality come second. 
Keep up the great work."

Hennie Smit