From humble beginnings to polymer leaders

Great ideas are seldom the result of a flash of inspiration. It is rather the result of long and painstaking research and development, prototyping and trial and error all seasoned with a fair helping of luck and stubborn determination.  And so, it was when Betcrete South Africa was founded in 1986 to look for an alternative to the myriad of window- and door frames in use in the building industry at that time.

The vision was to find a system which was highly versatile, practical, and cost-effective yet flexible enough to accommodate the changing styles of the present and those that would evolve in the future.

In addition, any system produced must overcome the problems common to the use of divergent materials in the building industry, level of skills, particularly at grass-roots level and yet still be aesthetically appealing overt the broader spectrum.

After four years of market research detailed investigations both on the drawing board and on sites and from one socio economic group to another, the Betcrete system was born.  Where others may have given up and moved on to new challenges, the Betcrete team never wavered in their quest to provide the ultimate solution and answer the call of the industry for cost-effective, practical building solutions.

That the vision Betcrete clung to was correct, is evidenced by the fact that these widely patented products, which comply with all building regulations, were the recipients of the prestigious Cullinan Design Award for the door frame system and the RW Stern Trophy for the most innovative design in the case of the window frame system.

Today Betcrete boasts a product range that includes Windows, Doors, Balustrades, Fencing and many other mouldings.

Vision: To contribute positively to the quality of lives by remaining the market leaders in our field through the manufacture and supply of high-quality innovative products in a professional and active management style.

25+ YEARS: 
Betcrete WP originally opened as a branch operation for Betram Pty Ltd, a Pretoria based company, founded in 1986 by Lukas Fourie who created and patented the product concept. MG Innovations trading as Betcrete™, under the ownership of Marius Fourie, has operated independently in the Western Cape since acquiring the manufacturing and distribution rights for Betram products in 1999.

Betcrete® has received many prestigious awards: 
1993: Cullinan Design Award for good Industrial Design.
1994: EW Stern trophy for outstanding contribution to the field of Design.
2010: AAAMSA Highest level of A4 for side and top hung windows.
2011: Agrément Certification.